Educar para mudar?

No meio da minha leitura dos textos vindos do trabalho de didática em bem-estar animal, encontrei na última edição da revista Animal Welfare uma recensão do livro Education for Animal Welfare. O balanço custo (99,95€) – benefício (88 paginas e uma critica bastante reservada) não me faz correr a comprar o livro, mas a crítica de autoria de Siobhan Abeyesinghe levanta varias questões importantes que aproveito para trazer para cá:
“The issue, as with many environmental and health concerns, is not how to reach those who are already sympathetic, but how to reach those who are not. The risk of using very emotive and castigating language to raise awareness in the first place is in actually alienating rather than engaging the audience whose attitudes and knowledge we wish to alter. Likewise, I found the implication that simply raising awareness alone would necessarily change human attitudes and thus improve animal protection somewhat naïve. In terms of aiding the prospective educator, I consider an opportunity to address the education and learning process itself was missed. For example, what should education aim to act upon? Knowledge alone may not necessarily be implemented if it is counter to beliefs or not perceived to be of personal relevance; positive and caring attitudes may actually be detrimental to welfare without appropriate knowledge – pet obesity is an example of ‘killing with kindness’; animal welfare-promoting behaviour may not be implemented if a person does not perceive it to be their responsibility; they perceive it to risk censure or they do not consider their behaviour will make a difference. So, is it necessary to alter knowledge, attitude, behaviour or combinations of these factors? How do we achieve this and how do we address barriers to their implementation?”

Author: Anna Olsson

Animal welfare scientist.

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