The Meat Crisis: Developing more sustainable production and consumption

Joyce D’Silva, Director of Public affairs of Compassion in World Farming, has brought together key global experts to produce a powerful and challenging book, which addresses some of the key issues facing our world: how can we achieve global food security for all while ensuring protection of the environment, our own health and the welfare of farm animals? Is the growth of factory farming, with its massive appetite for water and feedstuffs, leading us down a hugely unsustainable path?

John Webster, Professor Emeritus at Bristol University, the book’s co-editor, tells us about the importance of animal welfare in dairy farming. As author of a chapter on dairy cows, he explains why cows’ lives are often so compromised in today’s dairy farms.

The book can be purchased here.

Author: Manuel Sant'Ana

Sou Médico Veterinário e Especialista Europeu em Bem-Estar Animal. Sou investigador em ética animal, deontologia profissional e medicina baseada na evidência pelo CIISA-FMV ULisboa e pela Ordem dos Médicos Veterinários.

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